Mein eBook-Regal

Seit Weihnachten 2012 habe ich einen eReader. Anfangs war ich etwas unbeholfen, liebte ich doch meine Papierbücher. Dann habe ich mich näher damit beschäftigt und gute Schnäppchen gefunden.
Heute bin ich ein echter Pro was Schnäppchen und Angebote angeht. Man spart wirklich sehr viel Geld.
(Die eBooks werden allerdings niemals das Gefühl eines echten Buches übertreffen können)


Aleo, Toni -> Taking Shots

Anastasia, Debra -> Booty Camp, Dating Service

Anderson, Poppy J. -> Verliebt in der Nachspielzeit

Anderson, Poppy J. -> Touchdown fürs Glück

Andrews, Nazarea -> This Love

Anne, Melonie -> Bound

Anne, Melody -> The Billionaire wins the Gane

Arend, Vivian -> Rocky Mountain Heat

Armentrout, Jennifer L. -> Frigid

Armentrout, Jennifer L. -> Half-Blood

Ashley, Katie -> Music of the Heart

Atlas, Katy -> Moving Neutral

Augustine, L.M. -> Click to subscribe

Aurora, Belle -> Friend-Zoned



Bennett, Sawyer, -> Alex

Bernette, Abigail -> The Boss

Bladon, Bryce -> Clients from Hell (2)

Blakley, Lauren -> Pretending He´s Mine

Bolryder, Terry -> Bear-ly a Hero

Bowen, Sarina -> The Year we fell Down (1)

Boys, Natasha ->Eversea

Brianah, Sarah -> Nero

Breene, KF -> Into the Darkness

Brookes, Calle -> Watching (PAVAD)

Brooks, Kathleen -> Bluegrass state of Mind

Bourdon, Danielle -> Heir Untamed

Browning, Terri anne -> The Rocker who holds Me



Caldwell, Cindy -> The Wranglers Mail Order Bride

Camp, Candace -> Ein Kuss vor Mitternacht

Cardello, Ruth -> Maid for the Billionaire

Carlton, Demelza -> Maid for the Rockstar

Casey, Elle -> By Degrees

Casey, L.A. -> Dominic (Slater Brother Novel)

Chase, Heather -> Broken

Cherry, Brittainy -> The air he breathes

Child, Maureen -> Wind, Wellen – wildes Verlangen

Claudy, Ashley -> Hustle

Cooper, J.S. -> Finding my Prince Charming

Cooper, J.S. -> Taming my Prince Charming

Corbett, Angela -> Tempting sydney

Cormack ,Cara -> All Lined Up

Cox, Chloe -> Marrying the Master

Cox, Chloe -> Aold to the Sheikh

Crane, Shelly -> Significance

Crownowner, Jay -> Rule

Cunning, Olivia -> Backstage Pass

Cunning, Olivia -> Double Time



Daire, Caitlin -> Mine – Stepbrother Romance

Danes, Hadley -> Heartstrings

Daniels, J -> Where I Belong

Davis, Jo -> Trial by Fire

De Jong, Lisa -> Plastic Hearts

Dell, T.J. -> Her best Friend´s Brother

Densley, Moriah -> Song for Sophia

Delorenzo, Jaycee -> The Truth about Dating and Mating

Dixon, Ruby -> Ice Planet Barbarians

Dohner, Laurann -> Fury

Down, Nyrae -> Charade

Downey, AJ -> Shattered and Scarred

Durante, Erin -> The Abduction



Eddy, Patricia -> Secrets in Blood

Edun, Terah -> Courtlight Series

Eliot, Anne -> Unmaking Hunter Kennedy

Eliot, Kelly -> Broken

Elliot, Tarin -> Rocked

Erin, Aileen -> Becoming Alpha (1)

Estep, Jennifer -> Touch of Frost

Evans, Jessie -> Leather and Lace

Evans, Emily -> The Boarding School Experiment

Ewing, Amy -> The Jewel



Falkner, Tammy -> Tall, Tatted and Tempting

Fall, Carly -> The Light within Me

Fernando, Chantal -> Dragons Lair

Fernando, Chantal -> Maybe this Time

Fischer, Alexandra -> Ein Traum vom Horizont

Fischer, K.T. -> Rockstar Daddy

Forrest, Bella -> A Shade Of Vampire

Foster, Melissa -> Sisters in Love

Fox, Angie -> Immortally Yours

Fox, Ella -> Broken Hart (1)

Fox, Kennedy -> Checkmate

Frances, Jessica -> Earth



Garze, Amber -> Tripping me Up

Gayle, Eliza -> Lucas

Geisinger, J.T. -> Sweet as Sin

Gioertz, Karina -> Lucky in Love

Glenn, Geri -> Ryker

Glines, Abbi -> The Vincent Boys (1)

Goldsmith, Olivia -> Wish upon a star

Graham, Angela -> Inevitable

Grey, R.S. -> The Allure of Julian LeFray

Grey, SR -> Inevitable Detour

Grey, Jemma -> Christmas Kismet

Grohe, Julianna -> Die vierte Braut

Grosso, Kym -> Kades Dark embrace

Gruber, Sadie -> Modern Arrangements Complete Trilogy

Gruber, Sadie ->  Falling Stars

Gunter, Heather -> Love Notes



Harlem, Lily -> Hired

Harner, Laura -> Highland Shift

Hart, Emma -> The Love Game

Hatton, L.J. -> Sing Down the Stars

Harvey-Berrick, Jane -> Dangerous to know and Love

Henry, Sophia -> Delayed Penalty

Herbert, Cambria -> #Nerd

Hiatt, Brenda -> Starstruck

Higginsion, Rachel -> Bet in the Dark

Hope, Amity -> Truths and Dares

Howard, Michelle -> Torkels Chosen

Howard, Michelle -> Rylins Fire



Irons, Aubrey -> Score



James, Avery -> The Billionaires Kiss

James, Karolyn -> All Access

James, Leigh -> Escorting the Billionaire

James, Rhonda -> Jersey Girl

J, Jaliah -> Das Schicksal (El Destino 1)

Jenner, Carmen -> Welcome to Sugartown

Jewel, Bella -> Wingwoman

Johnson, Missy -> Always You

Jones, KD -> Katieran Prime

Jordan, Skye -> Reckless

Joyce, T.C. -> Bear My Soul

Joyce, T.S. -> Coveted by the Bear

Juliette, Allie -> Dare

Jupe, Debra -> Echos in the Wind



Kage, Linda -> Price of a Kiss

Kant, Komal -> Impossible

Kayn, Debra -> Breathing His Air

Keeland, Vi -> The Baller

Kelly, Marie -> Kidnapped the wrong Sister

Kennedy, Elle -> The Deal

Keplinger, Kody -> The D.U.F.F.

Keye, Laura -> Her forbidden Hero

Killough-Walden -> Engelssturm – Uriel

King, Jayna -> Troubled Son

Kluger, Birgit -> Schau ihr in die Augen

Kyle, Celia -> No if ands or bears about it

Kyle, Celia -> He ain´t Lion

Kyle, Celia -> Love at first Roar



L´Amour, Nelle -> Unforgettable

Langlais, Eve -> Kodiaks Claim

Layne, Lauren -> Isn´t she Lovely

Le Clair, Laurie -> If the Shoe fits

Lee, Geneva -> Royal Passion

Lee Gurhke, Laura -> When the Marquess met his Match

Lee, Nadia -> Vengeful in Love

Lewis, R.J. -> Obsessed

Lin, An -> Geliebter Samurai

Lore, Ava -> Hard Rock Arrangement

Lyes, Evelyn -> Everything you want

Lynn, Vherrie -> Rock Me

Lynn Vale, Lani -> Lights to my Siren



MacAllister, Cathy -> Die Braut der Bestie

MacKenzie, Riley -> Beautifully Awake
Malcom, Anne -> Making the Cut

Malone, M -> One more Day

Marchande, Melanie -> I married a Billionaire

Marchande, Melanie -> His secretary Undone

Martens, Anna -> Engelsschmerz

Masters, Colleen -> Faster Harder (1)

Masters, Colleen -> Faster Deeper (2)

Masters, Colleen -> Faster Longer (3)

Masters, Colleen -> Faster Hotter (4)

Mathewson, R.L. -> Playing for Keeps

Mathewson, R.L. -> Checkmate

Mathewson, R.L. -> Game Plan

Matthewson, R.L. -> Perfection

McGarry, Katie -> Pushing the Limits

McIntyre, Cherryl -> Sometimes Never

McShane, Melissa -> Servant of the Crown

Mercier, Anne -> Falling Down

Mellery, Susan -> Drum küsse wer sich ewig bindet

Mercedes, Jaqueline -> Schattenzwang

Middleton, K.L. -> Tangeld Beauty

Montague, Kimberly -> Accidental Texting

Montague, Kimberly -> Racing outside the Line

Moore, Addison -> Someone to Love

Moore, Addison -> 3AM Kisses

Moore, C.S. -> The right Notes

Mosely, Kirsty -> Poles Apart

Murphy, Monica -> One Week Girlfriend

Murphy, Monica -> Second Chance Boyfriend



Nelson, Elizabeth -> Bad Boys 4 Book Bundle



Oliver, Jess -> Freefall

Oliver, Tess -> strangely Normal

Oram, Kelly -> Cinder and Ella

Owens, CM -> The hooked Game



Paige, Sabrina -> Prince Albert

Painter, Sally -> Lap Dancer

Payne, Lyla -> Broken at Love (Whitman University)

Parker, Zoey -> Overdosed

Paul, JL -> Rookie (Ross Records 1)

Paul, JL -> Phone Calls from a Rockstar

Pearl, Melissa -> Fever

Perry, Kate -> Close to You

Praks, Alexia -> His Hired Girlfriend

Prescott, R.J. -> The Hurricane

Price, EA -> Polar Bears Are Forever

Proby, Kristen -> Come Away with me



Quinn, Kaye -> Open Minds



Reekles, Beth -> The kissing Booth

Reilly, Cora -> Bound by Honor

Renee Jones, Lisa -> Deluxe Cinderella Chronicles 3 Story Box

Reyes, Elizabeth -> Forever Mine

Reyes, Elizabeth -> Noah

Reynolds, Abby -> Unbreakable

Reynolds, Aurora Rose -> Until November

Reynolds, Aurora Rose -> Until Trevor

Rhoades, Jacqueline -> Roark

Riemer, Martina -> Glasgow Rain

Riffel, Isabella -> Zeitsteinwirrwarr

Rivera, Roxie -> Her Russioan Protector

Röder, Petra -> Flammenherz Saga

Rollins, Emme -> Meeting Trouble

Rose, Lila -> Holding Out

Rose, Aubrey -> Me, Cinderella?

Rose, Aubrey -> Untamed Hunger

Rowe, Stephanie -> Darkness Awakened



Sanders, Jil -> Loving Lauren

Savage, River -> Incandescent

Schiller, MJ -> Trapped under Ice

Schurig, Rachel -> Ransom

Scott, Kylie -> Lick (Stage Dive 1)

Scott, J.S. -> The Billionares Obsession Collection

Seton, Cora -> The Cowgirl ropes a Billionaire

Sharley -> Pretend or is it…

Shaw, TJ -> Caller of Light

Sheehan-Miles, Charles -> Just Remembr to Breathe

Shepherd, Maya -> Märchenhaft erwählt (1)

Shepherd, Maya -> Märchenhaft erlöst (2)

Singh, Nalini -> Rock Addiction

Singh, Nalini -> Hauch der Versuchung

Sims, Jessica -> Beauty Dates the Beast

Smith, S.E. -> Hunters Claim

Smith, S.E. -> Ella and the Beast

Smith, Jennifer -> Written in Stone

Snow, Nicole -> Stepbrother Charming

Snow, Tiffany -> Turn To Me

Snow, Tiffany -> No Turning Back

Snow, tiffany -> Turning Point

Snyder, Maria -> Inside

Sparks, Kerrelyn -> Eat Prey Love

Sparks, Kerrelyn -> The Wedding Blitz

Spiegel, Leah -> Foolish Games

Spiegel, Leah -> Time Out

Spears, Crystal -> Seize Me

Sporrer, Teresa -> Verliebe dich nie in einen Rockstar

Starr, Candy -> Rock you

St. Clair -> The Alpha Meets His Match

St. Clair -> Bridenapped

St. Clair, Georgette -> His Purrfect Mate

Sterling, j. -> Seeing Stars

Steven, Shelli -> Dangerous Grounds

Stone, Amanda -> Breathe into Me

Strong, Mimi -> Stardust

Suttle, Connie -> Demon Lost (1)

Swallow, Lisa -> Summer Sky

Swank, Denise -> After Math

Sykes, V.K. -> The Philadelphia Patriots 3 Book Box

Syms, Carly -> Cinderella Steal Home



Taiden, Milly -> The Alion King

Tee, Marian -> Courted

Tee, Marian -> Caged

Tee, Marian -> Chased

Tee, Marian -> When Fangirls Lie

Tessier, Shantal -> Undescribable

Thorne, Olivia -> Rock e Hard

Tijan -> Fallen Crest High

Tijan -> Fallen Crest Family

Tijan -> Fallen Crest Public

Tijan -> Fallen Fourth down

Tijan -> Broken and Screwed

Tijan -> Carter Reed

Tijan -> Jaded

Tijan -> Anti-Stepbrother

Tipetts, EM -> Someone elses Fairytale

Troubador, Angie -> The Knife Throwers Bride

Tork, Sarah -> Young Annabelle

Towle, Samantha -> The Mighty Storm

Towle, Samantha -> Revved





Valentine, Michelle ->Rock the Beat

Vernon, Magan -> How to Date an Alien

Vernon, Magan -> How to Break up with an Alien

Vernon, Magan -> The only Expection

Via, A.E. -> Nothing special

Voxely, Vi -> Alien General´s Bride



Walker, Julie -> In Rides Troubles

Ward, Penelope -> Stepbrother Dearest

Webber, Tamara -> Easy

Westlake, Samantha -> Putting up a Fight

Wilder, Jessica -> Wounded

Wilder, Jessica -> Big Girls do It Better

Wilkes, Jaden -> The Beast

Williams, Nicole -> Crash

Williams, Nicole -> Hard Knox

Willingham, Michelle -> Die Braut des irischen Kriegers

Wolf, Jennifer -> Morgentau (Auserwählte der Jahreszeiten 1)





Yarros, Rebacca -> Full Measures

Young, Samantha -> Verbotene Küsse



Zart, Lindy -> Incomplete

Zapata, Mariana -> The Wall of Winnipeg and Me

Zapata, Mariana -> Under the Locke

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