(Hoffe meine Grammtik ist nicht allzu schlecht. Der erste Vers ist aus dem Lied „Move together“ von James Bay.)

I´m done whispering.
What sense does it make?
To hide and hope.
Nothing will be happening
if I don´t move.

Don´t you know?
That´s what they want.
We´re predictable.

Moving togehter as one
never breaking away
loving the feel of safety
if we cope others.

A giant group,
perfect to be small
to be not seen
to walk past adventures.

nobody´s there to show us how to move.
What do I want?
Such a long journey to find out who I am.

Don´t be scared.
It´ll not be easy,
but you´ve got nothing to lose.

Take your Chance
and go against the ONE.


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